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About Us

maQan is a platform to share with you varieties of restaurant and cafe and is created specially to those who always clueless in looking for appetizing places to dine, fulfilling the call of hunger of the stomach. The born of maQan is not just to ease people in seeking delightful restaurants but indeed to connect the restaurant owners with our user in promoting their businesses.

maQan shares a broad choice of eateries providing more suggestions of cuisines and different atmospheres for you to experience, no matter how hidden the places and how they are barely known to the food-hunters. maQan also promotes appealing menus of a restaurants and additional detailed information to answer your question of ‘What’s special here?’

We love what we do! We will always be on a stakeout to update more and more marvellous eateries locations that you can indulge yourself with. Say good bye to your “where should we eat today?”, maQan is here solve your puzzle!


📌 To introduce a number of unique, affordable and finger-licking dishes in Johor

📌 To explore and promote exciting finest eateries in Johor

📌 To highlight the special deals on the menu

📌 To help giving you ideas about your next eateries to satisfy your hunger

📌 To provide information about F&B (Restaurants&Cafe)

📌 To make a list of best locations (10 suggestions/interesting locations)/ To suggest the top 10 best dining experience for you

📌 To support local F&B

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1) What is maQan?
It is a platform to share a variety of restaurants in Johor to assist you in finding the best place to dine

2) What is maQan’s social media pages?
You can find us at
Facebook: maQan [Click here]
Twitter: @maqanmy [Click here]
Instagram: @maqanmy [Click here]

3) How to promote my business on maQan’s social media platform?
We offer a paid advertising services on our social media pages. To promote your product on our platform, please contact us through our email [Click here] or on our social media.

4) How to edit my restaurant details in the website?
Please contact us to make any changes on your restaurant details. [Click here]

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